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How eviction and money troubles led to grandmother's suicide

by Yvette Abendroth (2020-06-27)

Crippling debts and legal troubles may have sparked the dramatic five-hour siege which left a grandmother dead and her husband in hospital.  

Perth couple Rodney, 64, and Janice Croft, 65, were approached by sheriff's officers who had arrived to repossess their home of 20 years on Monday.

Police allege the grandparents threatened to harm officers and themselves after a sheriff and locksmith arrived at the home in Martin in the city's outer suburbs. 

Mrs Croft took her own life within seconds of a non-lethal round, a beanbag, being fired at her husband, police allege. 

More details are emerging into an incident which left Janice Croft (right) dead and her husband Rodney Croft (left) in hospital after a five hour siege at their property.

The siege ended at 3pm on Monday when police fired a non-lethal round. In case you loved this post and you want to receive more info with regards to 'Round the clock locksmith services for cars i implore you to visit our web page. Mrs Croft went into cardiac arrest and was rushed to the nearby Royal Perth Hospital where she later died

The spokeswoman said police were treating her death as non-suspicious. 

Mr Croft, who suffers from an auto-immune disease, only learned his wife had taken her life later in the day while recovering in hospital, reported.


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According to the publication, things turned deadly after the couple saw the locksmith arrive. 

Tragically Mr Croft, who suffers from an auto-immune disease, wasn't made aware of his wife's death until later in the day while he was in hospital

Tactical police were called to the scene and as they approached it's alleged Mrs Croft climbed onto a nearby tractor brandishing a firearm. 

The repossession was allegedly a result of years of bitter legal disputes and a series of debts reportedly worth upwards of $1 million.

Police arrived at the home at about 9am on Monday before the five-hour siege began.  

Mr Croft, a former deputy mayor of Gosnells, remains under police guard at hospital.   

Rodney Croft (pictured), a former deputy mayor of Gosnells, remains in police custody following the siege 

A Western Australian police spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia they weren't treating the death as suspicious and a report was being drafted for the coroner