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How to create a comic book database: The perfect quarantine activity

by Ralph Eisenberg (2020-06-27)

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Richard Trenholm/CNET

If you're stuck in coronavirus lockdown, like pretty much all of us are right now, a big collection of movies or books or comics will keep you entertained. But what's more fun than watching DVDs and Blu-rays, playing games or reading books? Organizing them, of course!

As all Marie Kondo fans know, sorting through your stuff is a great way to while away a weekend and maybe even impose a comforting sense of order on your corner of this crazy world. Sorting my thousands of comics -- from the Avengers to the X-Men, from 2000 AD to Preacher -- not only gave me the satisfaction of tidying them into easily accessible order, it also helped me reconnect with many books I'd completely forgotten about. And I cleared out a pleasingly chunky stack of unwanted books to sell or give to other comic fans.

This is more than just tidying your media collection into alphabetical order -- that's amateur hour. I'm going to show you how to inventory your DVDs, Blu-rays, box sets, console games, books, comics, CDs, records and digital albums so you have an up-to-date and easily searchable list of your stuff, 만화 사이트 access to lots of nerdy stats about your collection, and a wish list ready to fill in the gaps next time you make it to the store.