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Dear Prudence: I’m Afraid My Daughter’s Boyfriend Is Gay. Can I Tell Her?

by Freya Wollstonecraft (2020-06-18)

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"When I applied for university my mum had a really well paid job, but she quit right after I started so my student finance didn’t reflect what my parents were actually earning. I was on a 12 hour contract at minimum wage which, combined with my student loan, barely covered my bills and food," said Amy. As soon as she started camming, Amy was shocked at how much she was able to earn. "When you’re a student, you want to do as much as possible to make the most of your time. On the face of it she was a ‘scraping by’ student, but in private she was a ‘cam girl’ making thousands by performing and chatting with paying online audiences. Working in Bucharest these women spend their days stripping inside ready made bed-rooms, draped in lingerie chatting to their anonymous online benefactors. Known as one of the world’s largest lesbian dating sites, LesbianPersonals sets high standards for women in the dating scene. Havoc is one of a growing number of women who have "made it" in the online adult entertainment industry, becoming financially independent and wealthy enough to invest in her own business ventures.