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How to Hypnotize Anyone Instantly

by Leah Dupuy (2020-05-12)

How do you instantly hypnotize someone?

image.php?image=b17paul100.jpg&dl=1Truthfully, it's not hard. In fact, you can do it right now, if you've got another person present in the room. The trick I'm going to teach you, has lots of potential in it, though it takes a fair bit of practice to do anything more significant with it than to get a good laugh.

First - Understand

Whenever I think about doing this, it reminds me of the famous line from Sir Toppem Hat from the Thomas the Tank Engine series. Whenever one of the enthusiastic trains gets into trouble, Sir Toppem hat comes to scold them saying, "You've created confusion and delay!"

If you have kids who love that show, then that will be an easy anchor for you, whenever you think about hypnotizing someone. Now, before we get started, I want to define the type of hypnosis that I'm going to show it. In my experience, there are three main types of hypnosis:

Sleep - The deepest type of hypnosis, where we reach the Delta brain waves

Deep Hypnosis - A very deep state of hypnosis, though not as deep as sleep, where we reach the Theta brain wave state.

Conscious Hypnosis - In this state, you are very much awake, but the Alpha brain wave has been accessed by outer suggestion.

When you're awake and alert, you are in the "Beta" state. You know what it's like to sleep, so Delta is pretty easy to grasp. Theta is a state that most professional hypnotists will put you in, though it can also be accessed in mid-meditation or visual journey's.

When a person is in the Alpha state, they are highly susceptible to suggestion. I liken it to speaking with the subconscious, instead of the direct consciousness - which usually inhibits communication with the subconscious. So this trick I am going to teach you, will help you put anyone instantly in that highly suggestible state.

There is only one really important thing you need to know at this point - there are three states of heightened awareness:




You could go and spook someone, or try to make them really angry, but confusion is a much easier state to work with, trust me. Not to mention, the effects of your hypnosis will not last nearly as long, or be nearly as traumatic as they would be if you tried to use fear or anger to hypnotize them.

Find the Sweet Spot...

Okay, okay! Enough with the technical mumbo jumbo. You want to get down to the bread and butter of this trick, don't you?

Good. So the first thing you want to do, is decide who it is that you're going to hypnotize. You can either let them know you're going to hypnotize them, or just do it. Either way is entertaining, and I would suggest trying it both ways to see what differences there are.

Next, you want to get them into a conversation. Now, in order for your hypnosis to work, you need to get them into a conversation that they are very emotionally attached to. It could be an issue with their partner or boss. It might be that they are having trouble with their parents or with their kids. You could get them to complain about money, or tell you about how they really wish they could become an astrophysicist. It really doesn't matter.

What does matter, is that you pay careful attention to what they are saying. Take down mental notes of the parts of the conversation where they seem the most emotional aroused. It might take you a few turns through the conversation to pick out those "emotionally charged" parts of their story, though as long as you can keep them talking, you'll start to notice that people tend to 'talk in circles', and that they'll eventually come back to the same 'main' point in their story, where they are emotionally vested in whatever they are talking about. The trick once you've found where they are most emotionally aroused, is to play jump rope in their speech by jumping in and creating a state of confusion in them - right at the moment when they are most emotionally aroused.

Confusion and Delay!

When you've reached that sweet spot, and you're sure you've got it, jump in and say something that makes absolutely no sense to the conversation. One of my favorite lines is:

"STOP! Don't look at the wall in front of you!"

Can you imagine if someone said suddenly said that to you while you were in the middle of a rant about how your spouses ex still tries to control your partner? What would you think? What would be the first thing you would do?

The truth is, when this trick is pulled of right, the first thing you do is freeze. It happens so fast, and dissipates so quickly, that most people never realize they were even in the hypnotic state for a moment. You could also try it another way, by whispering instead of shouting:

"The wall above you..."

When somebody says something to you like this, your brain automatically tries to make sense out of it, which is why it's important to say something that doesn't make any sense. You want to be careful though, not to just speak gibberish, or it won't work. You need clearly understandable words in one short sentence. If it's complete gobbledegok, then your brain will just throw it out. Though if it makes sense, but still doesn't make sense, your brain will try to form an image of what you said, while still trying to remain in the emotionally heightened state that the original conversation had been about.

So while your friend is animatedly telling you about what a jerk their boss is, and you jump in when they are in that sweet spot, and whisper "The wall above you...", they will stop as their brain tries to form a picture of a wall above them, but that won't make sense because walls don't go above you, that's where ceilings go. This will all happen in a matter of seconds, and then they will do one of two things.

They will either....

Stop and ask, "Wha?"

Or they will...

Continue with what they were telling you, starting from the exact moment after you interrupted them.

There could be other reactions depending on how you pull it off, though when you have successfully put them in that confused state, you have Instantly hypnotized them. Try this out with your friends and family, and take note of what sort of weird things you can say, what works easiest for you and how long of a "pause" your confusion causes when you reach the "sweet spot".

That's it?

Yup. That's it. You just hypnotized someone. Did you expect it to be more than that? =)

To tell you the truth, hypnosis usually isn't just about hypnotizing someone. It's about helping people, whether you're helping yourself or helping others, or a little combination of both. It's note the hypnosis itself, it's what you use the hypnosis to do that counts.

So after you've had some fun learning how to hypnotize someone, you'll want to get educated in the ways that you can influence people who are in a highly suggestible state. It's during that "pause" that you'll be best able to reach them. Though any person is still much more susceptible to suggestion after they have been put in an emotionally heightened state of confusion.

As a coach, I find the best way to utilize that "pause", is to offer to the person you best advice for how they can find peace, motivation, love, etc... etc... When they 'come out of it', they either won't realize you said anything, or they'll simply agree with what you said, and will focus on it anytime they start to talk about the same subject they were talking with you about. That conversation then becomes an 'anchor', that reminds them to do whatever it is you told them to do, when they were in that emotionally charged state.


A Word to the Wise

Hypnosis can be a powerful to. Wield it wisely. =)


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5 years ago



6 years ago from Lake Stevens

thank you for your questions CP2. I would suggest starting out with something benign and easy. Benign because you don't want to suggest that they do something that they or you will regret later.

with this specific trick, you're better off with subtle things. An example might be that a wife would like her husband to take her out to dinner, when he wants to stay home. In that small space of time you have while your subject is confused, you could say something to them that would trigger them to want what you want. With the wife-husband example, she might say, "your favorite steak" or "going out would make you happy".

You can use it for anything subtle, to change a persons mood or perspective. Just keep in mind that the more suggestible a person is, the easier it is to persuade them, and vice versa.

confuzed person

6 years ago

All I'm trying to say is what do you suggest to them while their confused. If you can help me, it would be much appreciated! :D

confuzed person

6 years ago

Wait, BizGenGirl, I have a question. What do you suggest to them while their hypnotized, any suggestions if you were trying to get them to act differently?


6 years ago from Lake Stevens

Just my two cents Pranav, but usually when you don't feel like you're succeeding, it means one of two things:

1. You need MORE practice.

2. You are hypnotizing people, but not noticing the subtle signs that you've done so.

Covert hypnosis is covert for both the hypnotizer and the hypnotized. When you achieve that state in a person, you only have a couple of seconds to notice that it's happened. The best way I can think to describe it, is that once you've achieved the proper unexpected confusion, you'll see a sort of "blank stare" in their eyes for maybe 3 seconds at most. It's not very long at all, as the human brain is very high functioning, so you only have that small window to work with using the tips in the hub. Practice the confusion and delay part and then watch for the signal in their face. Don't worry about what you might say or do at that point, just practice NOTICING it at first. Once you are comfortable with that recognition, then you can move on from there.

Hope this helps =)


6 years ago

Tried so much but I am not able to hypnotise anyone.

JP Carlos

8 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

Excellent advice there, I'll practice first. :)


8 years ago from Lake Stevens

Well, before you do that, I suggest you practice a dozen or so times on less important issue. Have fun with this technique and make it so that it's effortless for you to use it.

Then, when you feel comfortable with your ability to use this instant hypnosis technique, you can use it to help you get a raise. Figure out your bosses speech patterns, get to know him/her so that you can get them into a really emotionally vested state, then throw in some confusion followed by an idea, such as 'good employees deserve good pay' or something more custom. Just remember to keep it as short as possible if you do it during the "pause".

The other way to do it, would be to throw in the confusion, then steer them towards a subtle conversation about work and pay, without directly stating that you want a raise.

Still though, it's likely to backfire on you if you don't practice of less significant matters first, and could actually program your boss to think you're a jerk. So don't be too hasty. You've got time =)

JP Carlos

8 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

So how can I use this to get a pay raise? lol