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The Morning After: Monday, November 14, 2016

by Archie Thornburg (2020-05-05)

-text c-gray-1" >Engadget's weekend included a Japan-only Kindle made for manga and comics, an early tour of Nike's tech-packed store in NYC and staring at a supermoon. So it wasn't a bad weekend. This week, expect to hear plenty of car news direct from the LA Auto Show. And even if you're no petrolhead, there should be more than enough tech news, reviews and occasionally furious editorials to get you through the week.

'Can I try on the Nike Mags?' 'No.'We tour Nike's new tech-laced NYC store

Nike's new five-storey store in the middle of SoHo has a Kinect-sensor rigged basketball hoop, a new "Nike 19 웹툰 추천 By NYC" customization studio, plenty of space to show off the Apple Watch Nike+ and of course, self-lacing sneakers. The aforementioned customization studio will let shoppers place on-demand orders for designs that will be exclusive to the SoHo store.

Made for mangaAmazon Japan's manga-centric Kindle has ample space for your comic collection

Japan loves its homemade comics, so Amazon made an e-reader especially for them. Delivering eight times the storage of existing Kindles, and a bunch of speedy navigation upgrades, you might just be ready to start reading manga and comics on your e-reader. It's not quite perfect, however.

Microsoft might be a little hostile to third-party security apps.Kaspersky says Windows' security bundle is anti-competitive

Windows 10's bundled Defender security tool can help with basic antivirus protection, but what about third-party options? The operating system normally steps aside when you run other programs, but antivirus mainstay Kaspersky (and its boss, Eugene... Kaspersky) believes Microsoft still isn't playing fair enough. He's filed complaints in both the EU and Russia alleging that Windows 10's handling of third-party antivirus tools is anti-competitive.

But wait, there's more...

Get excited, here's the first 'Ghost In The Shell' live action trailer.

Did you stare at the supermoon? It's the biggest in 68 years.

The last week in numbers, here's the After Math.
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