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Women's Swimsuit: Which is the Best for my Body Shape?

by Cyril Aiston (2020-04-28)

EFUNRkHXUAApBSd.jpg%5Cd="mod_39378291">How to Choose Best Women's Swimsuit for your Shape
Maybe you have a pool party, or just planning to hit the beach with friends this summer; and you feel like letting go because you lack the body confidence to swim in public.

Please don't let go because here is the solution to your hiccups: Whether you are plus size, hourglass, triangle shape, inverted triangle shape, or athletic shape; you can still find suitable swimwear that will flatter your body shape and make you feel confident to swim in public with your friends.

Just as a reminder, when shopping for a swimsuit; ensure that you choose something that you will fit in at that moment: Don't buy a smaller swimwear that you plan to fit in in the near future when you reduce weight, or larger one that you intend to fit in when you add more weight.

Buying a swimwear that don't fit you will only make you look horrible and feel less confident in public places. This post includes everything you need to know when buying that swimwear and what to avoid to ensure that you get a swimsuit that will make you feel great swimming in public places.

Swimsuits for Plus size Women
Plus size or apple shaped body is a body with wider hips and shoulder, full bust and rounded stomach, and a waist line that is not well defined.

To have the best swimsuit if you are a plus size; take away attention or emphasis from the upper half of your body by wearing a plain top with patterned bottom.

Again, avoid dresses with thin straps as they will make your shoulder look bigger: Choose a top with thick straps to make your shoulder appear thinner, and to provide support to your bust.

Finally, you need to show off your legs by wearing a high cut bottom: Alternatively, you can opt for a plain dress top that holds your bust tightly and exposes your legs and thighs like Jantzen plus size swim dress available in different colors.

This type swimwear will flatter your body size and shape and give you the confidence you need to have in such public swimming and relaxing places.

Swimsuites for Hourglass Shape Women
Hourglass shaped women have shoulder and hips of about the same size and a well defined waistline.

With hourglass shape, a number of swimsuits can suit you so well and choosing a swimwear should not be a problem.

However, vintage type of swimwear is much better for you as this will show of the curves in your body in a beautiful manner.

Try as much as possible to avoid mix-matched tops and bottom dresses since this may make your body appear disproportional.

As such, you need to choose one color for both top and bottom, and plain color or multicolor swimsuit will both work for you appropriately.

Jantzen Women's Plus-Size Solid Twist-Front Swim Dress Buy Now Swimsuits for Triangle Shape Women
Triangle shape can come in two different ways: If your shoulders are wider than your hips, you have triangle shaped; and when your hips are wider than your shoulder, you are inverted triangle in shape.

In case you loved this informative article and you would want to receive more information about Swimwear Factory i implore you to visit our web-page. As such, if you are triangle shaped (wider shoulders than hips); you need to choose a swimwear fabric suppliers australia that will draw more attention on the upper side of your body.

If possible, try swim tops with neckline such as bikini tops to draw much attention to the top half of your body.

Also important, you can color contrast the suit with dark or plain colored bottoms to draw less attention on the lower part of your body, or just matching the colors will equal work for you:

However, you need to avoid boy shorts as they will make your hips appear wider, consequently drawing more attention on the lower part of your body with should not be the case.

Swimsuits for Inverted Triangle Shape Women
When you are inverted triangle in shape, you have wider hips than your shoulder. For the top, you will need halter tops with plenty of support; such as ones that can be tied around the neck and back for extra support.

For the bottom wear, ensure that you underwear made with a stretchy fabric that will give more room and avoiding the cloth digging into the skin.

You can put more emphasis at the lower part of your body by using bottoms with frills or bells on them

Also important, avoid tops that don't offer much support such as bandeaus.

Swimsuits for Athletic Shape Women
If your shoulder and hips are about the same size, no well defined waistline, and small bust and stomach; then you have an athletic shape.

With athletic shape, you need a swimsuit that will help create curvy body shape: Designs with frills, embellishments, and gatherings in most distinctive parts like hips and bust will help create this effect.

Most athletic shaped women will have long torso; if this is the case, avoid swimsuits that are one piece as this will give out the exact shape.