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Popular Apps That Can Replace Google Reader

by Ronda Peterson (2020-04-09)

If you have been an ardent fan of Google reader, you were probably disheartened by Google's announcement that it would pull this useful app off the internet. If you have not heard about the not so good news, it's a high time that you got up to speed with the latest developments on this subject. In March 2013, Google made a declaration that Google Reader will be discontinued from July 1st. This means that it's time for all Google Reader fans to seek alternatives that can replace their favorite RSS reader. The following is a list of some of the most popular apps that can replace Google reader: -


This is probably the most popular Google Reader alternative at the moment simply because a whole bunch of users have already chosen it as their replacement. Research shows that over half a million users have already migrated to Feedly. This very famous app that has a newspaper-like interface was among the very first RSS readers that provided a solution to the Google Reader replacement problem. Feedly comes with a clean and beautiful interface that gives you an experience just like that of Google Reader.


Comma Feed

This is a fresh and an uncomplicated web app that looks and also works well on tablet and desktop browsers alike. It has a very simple interface, thus a good option for you if you do not like fancy panels. This app automatically imports feeds from the Google Reader. However, it doesn't import history, which means that you will end up losing all your starred articles, as well as those feed items that are older (usually 10) than the current selection.


Pulse Reader

There was a time when Apple's Steve Jobs recommended Pulse to all Smartphone and tablet users as an RSS reader. As it has turned out, this app is not only Apple approved, but it'll also serve as one of the best replacements for Google Reader. Its interface is pretty much like Taptu's and News360, but it's flashier. One of the good qualities of Pulse Reader is that it is easy for you to port in Google Reader content. Once the content is in, it automatically becomes Pulse content, which means that this app will have your content after Google Reader is gone.


News 360

The manner in which this app works is a bit different from most of the other RSS readers. Instead of importing RSS feeds directly, it takes the Google Reader account and analyzes what's in it. It then gives several recommendations of its own feeds that a user might be interested in. Some are more generalized, while some are direct copies. News360 neither shows unread counts, nor read status on the individual items. This app has a nice appearance on the web in Windows as well as on tablets. It offers apps for Android, Windows and iOS tablets. Another noteworthy feature about his app is that it allows readers to answer whether or not they like the stories they read. The app then adjusts feed suggestions for the reader in the future.



This is another web-based app that works well with desktop and tablet browsers. Besides being very basic, it also comes with a clean look and feel. Skimr imports from Google Reader require the user to download his OPML file from Google and import it onto his site. However, it only accepts the feed listing not any history or starred statuses. If you liked this information and you would certainly like to obtain even more information pertaining to free Apk Download kindly visit our web site. It also doesn't report the number of unread items that are on the feed listing page.



This app has a reputation of being a very good looking and very functional app. However, it focuses more on the flamboyant side of RSS reading, instead of the functional side. Its layout is pretty much similar to that of pulse, and it allows users to select feeds as they would any normal RSS app. The articles are usually listed horizontally, while the feeds are listed vertically. Users have to scroll up or down in order to find the feed that they want. They can also scroll right and left to view content from that feed. One of the good qualities of this app is that it has the ability to merge feeds.