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Food To Improve Your Fertility

by Alan Bedford (2020-04-08)

A well balanced healthy diet plays a major role in preventing infertility in both the sexes.

In Vitro Fertilization Costs in Hyderabad With High Success Rate 2020Being underweight or overweight can enhance the chances of infertility Low-crab diet can improve hormonal imbalance which eventually increases the pregnancy rate, particularly in obese women with PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome).

A fertility diet comprises foods that support your reproductive system by regulating ovulation and improving your chances of conception.

Avoid Trans Fat

Wide variety of Fats are important for fertility, but avoid food containing trans fat (unsaturated fatty acids) such as cakes, sweets, fries, fast foods, etc.,


Protein intake is essential for good quality of eggs women who follow high protein low carbohydrate diet have higher pregnancy rate.

Vegetable protein is highly recommended than animal protein.

High-Fibre Diet

Fibre can help to remove excess hormones(estrogen) and regulate blood sugar

Food sources: whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lentils, beans, etc.,

Micro nutrients for fertility

Iron and folic acid are the most important nutrients for the women who try to conceive. These nutrients can also improve sperm quality.

Food source: Green leafy vegetables, liver, cereals, beans, etc.,

B Vitamins can regulate woman's hormones and also lengthens the luteal phase(the phase to get pregnant) Vitamin B12 was found to improve the sperm quality and Vitamin B3 is said to reduce miscarriages.

Food Source: Fish, Cheese, poultry, eggs, etc.,

Vitamin C helps the body to absorb other nutrients, especially the folic acid.

It has been shown that Vitamin C improves the sperm quality, and also found to help women who has a luteal phase defect.

Food Source: citrus fruits, guava, amla, cabbage, broccoli, papaya etc.,

Vitamin E have been shown to improve the quality of the sperm, sperm and egg DNA integrity.

Here's more regarding In Vitro Fertilisation visit our page. Food source: Leafy vegetables, papaya, almonds etc.,

The antioxidants Zinc and Selenium are said to boost male fertility by increasing the sperm quality.

Food source: Liver, fish(tuna, sardines, etc.,) Shrimp, oysters, green peas, mushrooms, etc.

Follow a healthy diet and have a healthy pregnancy.

If you are planning your pregnancy then start including the above-listed fertility foods in your diet to conceive a healthy child. These are easily available in the market and makes perfect for your pregnancy plans.