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Lose Your Taste For Cigarettes

by Kian Gormanston (2020-04-08)

Have you stopped smoking but find it hard to resist a cigarette every time you are around one? It happens to many people, but it is possible to completely lose your taste for cigarettes. It is not hypnosis or acupuncture. Capsaicin will make your next cigarette taste completely unpleasant.

Capsaicin the spicy oil found in chili pepper and other peppers. It is the red/orange oil that causes a burning sensation on the lips when you eat hot wings. Capsaicin is used medicinally as an anesthetic in ointments and patches because it causes numbness in the nerves when it comes in direct contact.

Cayenne pepper and black pepper are fruits that contain capsaicin that are dried an crushed and used in Quit Tea to desensitize the receptors in the mouth and reduce the pleasure from smoking cigarettes. The peppers cause only a mild numbness on the tongue, it is unnoticeable until cigarette smoke passes over the tongue and tastes unfamiliarly disgusting, and the affect can last for days.

The tar in tobacco gives the cigarette it's flavor and it is that tar that is absorbed through the taste receptors in the mouth. It is this reduced ability to taste the flavors of the tobacco smoking the helps long term success from smoking cessation. In case you liked this information and you want to get details concerning djarum cigars i implore you to go to our internet site. Quit Tea makes smoking considerably less pleasurable to the point where cigarettes are not worth consuming.

Another added benefit to capsaicin as part of a smoking cessation program is that it is believed to help break down fats and reduce blood sugar levels. Capsaicin is currently under evaluation in diabetes and obesity.

Matt Bucklin is the creator of the popular natural stop smoking aid Quit Tea and President of Quit Tea LLC, Quit Tea. As an expert in smoking cessation and health, he has helped thousands finally break their addiction to cigarettes. Bucklin worked as a pharmaceuticals analyst for years, learning the need for healthy and effective alternatives. He believes that drugs are the last option and that good health comes from a healthy lifestyle and natural remedies. You can read his writing on The Quit Tea Blog.