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Renewing My Prayer Life

by Piper Lahey (2020-04-05)

In life we have been due to the tools to compensate for each and every obstacle we face. It becomes easier to be aware of how you could do this once we take a look at things from the spiritual perspective. Even our mere existence is backed up by its relevant facets, a mouth too eat, a nose to breath as well as the additional organs that keep us during our livelihood. By this same token we've been provided with particular spiritual weapons to guide our spiritual existence. These are accessible to us with clear instructions about how they can be implemented.

As I be familiar with this story told throughout the years, I hear Zacharias's surprise at seeing an angel. I hear about his doubt. I hear about him being muted after which released later. I read about the benefits of celebrating prior to the Lord for an answered prayer. The one question I do not recall hearing is, how much time been there been since Zacharias and Elizabeth stopped praying for a son? I ask this question as it's most fitting for your actual response that Zacharias gave in verse eighteen. "Whereby shall I know this? for I am a classic man, and my partner well stricken in years." If Zacharias have been praying even just that week for a son, wouldn't normally his response be more reflective of thanksgiving that someone had finally heard his request? That someone knew what his heart's desire is and possesses come to finally help it become so? Perhaps Zacharias did believe in full what the angel was speaking, but the wisdom that they had accumulated through the years of false hopes and dead ends; he was only seeking some form of assurance until this has not been yet another empty promise.

We see here in an incredibly bleak moment inside our lives that with proper divine connection, God will help make a way for individuals. This widow had no idea of what would happen but she was determined to seek the counsel of the prophet of God which I believed she trusted. It's important when times are difficult to turn to God, while he really cares. She didn't take into account the oil as anything significant towards her plight. You may be inside the same position, here it's demonstrated that whatever we surrender to God might be multiplied back for gebeden voor elke dag the blessing.

COMPASSION - There are numerous samples of compassion: Love (greek. agape-meaning fellowship, love), mercy, kindness, goodness, friendship, acceptance etc. Two of one of the most prevalent in Scriptures are love and mercy. There is an amazing provision created by God allowing us to restore fellowship with Him: The act of baptism to the forgiveness of sin (Ac.2:38). Paul tells Titus that God saved us BECAUSE OF His MERCY (Titus 3:4-5). He exhorts the husbands within the church at Ephesus to LOVE their wives "as Christ loved the church. (Eph.5:25-26). Let us NOT MISS this tremendous provision so that organic beef truly... PRAY HAVING RECEIVED AND DEMONSTRATED COMPASSION.

I liken meditation to a sharpening tool- it's a tool for other tools. It has got the blades sharper and much more efficient. That makes more sense in my experience than meditation being the saw blade. I used to perform lots of wood carving and in order to generate clean cuts, sometimes I would spend a lot of time putting an edge back on dull tools when I'd gone a long time between sharpening. Of course, the chisels and gouges that I didn't wait to much time between sharpening- well, they only took several passes from the block.