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Berkenalan dengan Veronika sang Asisten Virtual Telkomsel

by Johanes keny Setiawan (2021-02-28)

Telkomsel, to ask Veronika, Telkomsel virtual assistant, it's easier. Telkomsel customers can choose access based on habits that are easy or frequently used and may be different from other customers. If you need help with Tanya Veronika Virtual Assistant, Telkomsel can now be done through various platforms, including:.

1. WhatsApp application

Customers can request a Veronika Telkomsel Virtual Assistant via WhatsApp instant message at 0811-1111-1111.

How to start saluting with the words "Hi" or "Hello". Veronika will answer and ask what you want to ask. For postpaid Telkomsel customers, Veronika can also provide detailed information about unpaid invoices, deadlines, and usage limits.

2. Telegram application

Telkomsel also has Telkomsel Care Services via Telegram (@telkomomsel_official_bot) because the Telegram application has been getting bigger in the community in the last few years.

How to use, when on the Telegram Telkomsel Care page, simply press the "Start" button below. Then you can follow the steps displayed on the screen.

2. Facebook Messenger.

Tanya Veronika Virtual Assistant - Veronika Virtual Assistant is also present on Facebook Messenger (Telkomsel) through the application and website.

For starters, round up Veronika with the words "Hi" or "Hello" and transmit the desired need. Follow the steps in the steps submitted in the discussion column.

3. LINE.

Contact Veronika through the instant messaging application (@telkomsel).

The steps for communicating with Veronika through the line are more or less exactly the same as those for WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger. You can submit your requirements to Veronika via the discussion column.

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