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Meditation In A Bottle

by Alisa Princy (2020-01-10)

The brain could Meditation In A Bottle Review thus be said to be the most important part, not the other way around. The brain is not there to serve or regulate the body, the body is there to serve and provide the desires of the brain. We could discuss this for hours on end with numerous examples, but they would indeed keep bringing us back to the same set of conclusions provided we were being honest in our assessments. Think about it. Your dreams are an important part of your life, even though you consider them as simple disorganized images that have no meaning. You cannot evaluate their importance because you are too ignorant. However, have in mind that your dreams help you preserve your mental health. They are a channel that links you with a wise mind, the unconscious mind, which is saintly and perfect. Carl Jung had discovered its wisdom, but he was afraid of many things, since the image he had was too obscure and this is why he stopped his research into the unknown region of the human psyche. He recognized that the unconscious mind is a good counselor for the human being, but he declared that one has to decide what to do based on his own conscience. Carl Jung was a psychiatrist and psychologist. He knew that craziness remained to a certain extent in the human brain, so he supposed that the unconscious mind, besides being wise, was also evil and absurd. He could not see what exactly existed at the bottom. I continued his research with courage, discovering that the unconscious mind doesn't belong to the human being and has a saintly character, while the absurd and evil part of the human brain belongs to the primitive side of the human conscience. Only someone that would not follow the usual path of the psychiatrists and psychologists of our time could discover the existence of the wild side of the human conscience, because it is very powerful, it pretends to be part of the human side, and it is completely ignored by the tiny human part of the human conscience that the human being can see. I, a literature writer, could decipher the meaning of our dreams much better than Jung who was a doctor trying to discover the hidden meaning of the dream language, without knowledge about the formation of a language and translations like me.