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Brain C-13

by Regina Fancy (2020-01-10)

You may be saying, "how do you know this?" Well, Brain C-13 Review first I have relatives who are bipolar, so I have firsthand knowledge. I also went back to school in my late thirties and became a marriage & family therapist - but having a rather severe case of obsessive learning disorder, I dug in deep trying to understand the brain, then neurotransmitters, medications, therapy, research, brain imaging and function mapping - I am a nerd and proud of it. I learned psychopharmacology from Dr. Stubblefield, a psychiatrist, and then really dug in with Dr. Lyles, another psychiatrist. I have counseled hundreds of people with a variety of issues always trying to get to the bottom of their issues and help them get their life back. I have both learned from my mentors and from direct client contact that bipolar is very often missed even by psychiatrists because for most people being manic is not a problem for them - it feels way better than being depressed. In addition there is something called dysphoric mania where the person is not hyperactive but angry, agitated, and argumentative. That may not seem like a big problem to the client either, however mania and anger is a big problem to the people around them How I can help you or someone you love with BipolarI help the client put the puzzle pieces together and understand what happened and how to move forward. I help with what to say to the doctor so that they have the information that they need for a proper diagnosis and proper medication as well as working directly with the doctor when necessary. I work every angle to help the client have a satisfying life - to get their life back - sometimes for the very first time.