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by Regina Fancy (2020-01-09)

healthier. ---Stay out of the sun---but not all of the time. HydraLyft Review We want to avoid the harmful UV rays that make our skin old before its time, but studies have also shown that the sun gives us a vital cancer-fighting vitamin that we really shouldn't do without: Vitamin D. We'd like a compromise here. Put on a good moisturizing lotion with an SPF of 30 or more and go out and enjoy that sun thirty minutes at time. ---Don't smoke. Do we really have to say this? One of the worst things anyone can do to their skin is to smoke---and studies have shown that the effects are worse for women than men. No one wants that wrinkled "smoker's" face that can make a relatively young woman look ten-plus years older than they are. Smoking restricts blood to capillaries, preventing oxygen and nutrients from reaching the skin. ---Don't drink excessive alcohol---Unlike smoking, alcohol increases blood to the face's capillaries too much, permanently damaging them. And no, you cannot counter the problems caused by smoking by drinking. Alcohol also dehydrates your skin, which promotes wrinkles over time.---Stop stressing. Stress ages you, including the appearance of your skin. Reversing this can be done easily, simply by taken a few minutes each day to completely relax to reduce your stress levels.Australians are currently engaged in a debate over the effectiveness of SPF (sun protection factor) ratings for sunscreens. Since 1998 sunscreens with a SPF factor of 30+ have been the highest level sunscreens allowed on the Australian market.