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by Mathew John (2020-01-09)

But then again, all that flexibility has to Panalean Review come with a lot of creativity on your part. This is all right during the first few days of your program. However, time might come when you would run out of creative mixes and matches of healthy food choices. The first thing you need to remember is to start slow. You may be feeling motivated and enthusiastic about the whole endeavor, which is good, but you should not expect to finish all those 10,000 steps on your first day. This is not a realistic figure for your first attempt so just begin with whatever your body can handle. Do not push your body to the limit for this would just injure you. Consult your physician first so that he can peg the recommended number of steps for you.The next thing to remember is to prepare the right walking equipment. Yes, only a pedometer is virtually needed, but you also need a good pair of walking shoes or sneakers. Make sure to go for a pair that gives you ample cushion, especially since you will be dealing with 10,000 steps when the right time comes.Lastly, you might also want to undergo a 2-week Test Walk. 10,000 steps can certainly take a toll on your physical self so you might want to go through a test walk for 2 weeks first. This way, your body can be warmed up and aptly prepped for the coming 10,000 steps program. Be sure to wear your pedometer during these 2 weeks so that you can check out for yourself your average number of steps in a day.