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by Alisa Princy (2020-01-08)

This is known Floraspring Review as "portion control." Start by seeing how much you eat, by writing down everything you eat. Do this for at least three days. Many people find that they eat more than they thought! If you are thinking of developing these abdominal muscles, you need to burn those excessive fats first in your entire body. It is an erroneous belief that you only have to exercise your abdomen to obtain these muscles. These muscles will never surface if your body has fats all over it so you have to work out your whole body before you focus on your abdomen. This article will help you answer the question "Why are you not losing weight?" as we discuss the implications when you have achieved the weight-loss plateau. This is a very critical point in a dieter's life because it can either break or make them so it is extremely important that you are aware of this. Read the rest of this article and gain understanding of the reasons that cause this thing to happen to you. In any sensible diet, you will experience gradual or sometimes rapid weight loss. This is an ecstatic feeling for you because after all the hard work, you feel rewarded with all those fats melted away and with the new you with your dream sexy clothes on. You continue to lose those unwanted fats from your body and then suddenly, you begin to wonder why you are not losing weight at all. For those who have never come across the word plateau, this will come as a shock and discouraging experience for them. They will feel the pain and sacrifices of dieting and exercising more because they no longer feel rewarded. On the other hand, for those who have already heard of this stage in any dieter's life, they will understand that this is normal. Below are some of the most important points to understand why you are not losing weight during this stage: It is a natural process for our body to stop burning those excessive fats on a certain level. This is a normal phenomenon because our body got used already to our regular diet and exercise. Just as a car needs revamp, our body needs to revamp as well. What you need to do is to renew your sources of motivation. This may be discouraging to you at the onset, but you will soon realize that this is just normal. You can motivate yourself to work harder by looking at your personal food and exercise diary, old and new pictures of you, or your old and new clothes. To be at your best health, you want to stay at your best weight. This study by Kaiser of Northern California certainly gives us another reason to find a diet that works.