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BP Optimizer

by Jerome Princy (2020-01-07)

How can it be that as BP Optimizer Review the consumption of saturated fats and cholesterol declined sharply from the levels it used to be, heart disease increased proportionately? It appears that the statistics are telling a different story than what the AMA, AHA, and the food industry has been telling us. Just look at significant role that saturated fats and cholesterol play in our bodies. It will probably surprise you to know that saturated fats comprise at least 50% of your cell membranes (every single one of your trillions of cells), giving them stiffness and integrity. Cholesterol also makes up part of the cell membrane, regulating its fluidity (what passes in and out) as well as giving stiffness and stability to the cell membrane. Additionally, cholesterol is a precursor to bile (which is produced in the liver and gall bladder to emulsify fats), Vitamin D, the steroid hormones (that help us deal with stress), and the sex hormones. Cholesterol is also very important for proper development of the brain and nervous system, so mother's milk is very cholesterol-rich, and contains a special enzyme to help the baby utilize this nutrient. How can saturated fats and cholesterol possibly be the bad guys in light of this information? HDL and LDL are NOT forms of cholesterol! That's right, HDL and LDL are really lipoproteins, carrier molecules for cholesterol and other fats. Because cholesterol and other fats are not water-soluble, they require a carrier molecule to transport them through the blood stream. Even more interestingly, these carrier molecules have built-in cell-targeting signals, directing them to specific target cells. Don't you wonder why? Over Twenty Years of Research Has Established Inflammation's Key Role in Atherosclerosis But what's causing the inflammation? Is it cholesterol or saturated fats, as the AMA, AHA and food industry has led us to believe? It is NOT. We already proved it above.