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Memory Hack

by Mathew John (2020-01-04)

It is always difficult to watch someone you Memory Hack Review care about suffer and struggle. You can guide, assist, support and love your family member but you cannot live a life for them. It is not usually an option to force someone to take medications or go to therapy or treatment. Spending your time trying to make an individual do anything is bound to end up in frustration. Try to behave in a manner consistent with your own values. Offer support to your family member but understand you don't have control of their behaviors.Individuals and families with mental illness often feel shame and may be embarrassed about the stigmas surrounding mental illness. There also may be times where your family member's words or actions are uncomfortable. Sometimes the shame has been there so long, it feels a part of you. Use self-talk to remind yourself that mental illness is not shameful. Remind yourself living and supporting a mental illness takes courage and strength.No one can do it alone. Everyone needs support. Utilize friends and family. Look up resources and get involved in support groups such as the National Association of Mental Illness or others to interact with individuals who may have similar experiences.