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Manifestation Code System

by Alisa Princy (2019-12-31)

For instance, the Manifestation Code System Review word "bind" from the Greek is "deo" and means to "restrict", the word "hand" is "cheir" and means "power" and the word "foot" is "pous" translated "footstool" representing "authority". So, "to bind hand and foot," means, "to restrict in power and authority." Not only this, but here we have a person whom the King calls "friend," demonstrating that he has a personal relationship and fellowship with the King, but he is lacking something so important that when he's found out, he has an extremely stiff penalty laid on him. Now, in the Greek, the word "cast" is "ekballo" meaning "to expel," which means "to put a person out, to dismiss permanently" e.g. A delinquent child may be expelled from school. The word "darkness" from the Greek is "skotos" meaning "obscurity." So, through careful interpretation, we get the picture of someone who once belonged to a special group and was promised great recognition and authority but who was permanently dismissed from that group, stripped of his power and sentenced to a life of obscurity. This is what Matt. 22:13 is saying, "Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness;" can be interpreted as, "Restrict his ability and authority, banish him from this elite and distinguished group and sentence him to a life of obscurity." This, my friends, is what happens to anyone called to ministry who doesn't fulfill that ministry according to the standard set by God. Instead of recognition and reward for the labor of love bestowed on God's people through their ministry there's only shame and disgrace, as they are permanently dismissed from the ranks of those who wisely invested their lives in the loving service of the people of God. Such a person is restricted in divine authority and ability and simply lives as an ordinary citizen in the kingdom of God. He or she is denied the opportunity of forming part of the Government of God on earth and sharing with Christ in His kingly reign and glory.