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by Jerome Princy (2019-12-31)

Drink a glass of water Leptitox Review before every meal as your mind does not know if it water or food in your stomach. By drinking water you will eat less as you you will be full quicker with less food. The water serves other purposes but the more water you drink the better you will be. When preparing food use less sugar and fat for cooking. Some good substitutes for fat would be olive oil and canola oil if you intend to cook or fry something. If you can bake or broil your food instead of frying as the food does not absorb the fat Another tip that most diets use is to stuff the meals with vegetables as they are a filling substitute for you. These are low calorie foods and you can eat a larger portions without gaining weight. Most vegetables are high in fiber and nutrients and these help you eat less as they fill you up and with the nutrients satisfy you for a longer period of time than some carbs. Another simple and easy way to help you lose weight in your diet is to cut back on your portions. If you are used to 2 helping cut back to one portion and add water or fruits and vegetables in place of foods that have a higher calorie content. A simple but effective tip is to eat off a smaller dish than normal. This does two things one is you are unable to pile large amount of foods on the dish and second it will look like much more food than there is on the plate. Also start to portion your food in the kitchen and take the dish to the table rather than place a bowl that you help yourself from. By measuring or just portioning the food you will eat less and eat a meal like you would at a restaurant. Make sure you have a diet drink or water at the table and drink often as this will help you fill up. Have a salad before you start the main meal and take your time and enjoy the meal. Take your time when eating and allow your stomach to start the digestion process and digest the meal slowly. By allowing your stomach to digest the meal complete it will tell your brain that you are full much sooner and you will eat less.