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Male Diabetes Solution

by Mathew John (2019-12-31)

Doctors will normally do the fasting method of Male Diabetes Solution Review the glucose test. No food or liquid (except water) intake for at least 8 hours. When doctors check, "normal" is less than 110 mg/dl. Doctors need to double check so most of the time they do the test twice. Once they find out that it's at 126 mg/dl or higher after the second blood test, that's no longer normal and is considered diabetes.Sometimes they do a "random" method, any time of the day and week. These are considered normal if it's lower than 100. A reading of 200mg/dl or higher is already an alarming sign and you should have reported signs of constant fatigue, excessive thirst and urinating, even drastic and unplanned weight loss.Another form of test is called the oral glucose tolerance test. You will also need to fast overnight and to take a sugar-water solution instead. After the next several hours, your blood sugar will be checked. For a normal person, it will rise and fall quickly. For a diabetic, after 2 hours of drinking the solution it will rise higher, but will not fall too quick as that of the normal person. Reading will be higher than 200 mg/dl in 2 hours for a diabetic.