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Tinnitus 911

by Jerome Princy (2019-12-30)

A throbbing, rhythmic sound in Tinnitus 911 Revisión the ear referred to as Pulsating, Vascular or Pulsatile Tinnitus. There are approximately 3% of tinnitus patients in which the timing of this type of sound is reported to coincide with their pulse. The sound is likened to buzzing, beating, swishing, and air blowing. It is broadly accepted that a alteration in the flow of blood in the vessels near the ear, is the main reason for this form of Tinnitus. Various factors can lead to this: An increase in the volume of the flow together with the increase in speed results in what is known as Venous Hum, which may be rhythmic in timing with person's pulse. Variations in the position of the head can change the quality of this humming noise. An increase in flow of blood in the jugular vein (which transports blood to the head) can happen in pregnant and anaemic people. Blood flow can also be rough in people with atherosclerosis, whose blood vessels become hardened. The flow in these vessels leads to a louder noise. Otosclerosis, may be another cause. Here, a bone in the middle of the ear becomes hardened.The hardening reduces the ability of the bone to vibrate and leading to a reduced level of sound perception. Otosclerocis slowly leads to a hearing loss which in turn (because there is no outside noise masking) allows the person to become more aware of the blood flow sound being conducted through the skull. Outside noise usually block out any noise being produced by the body itself. Factors that lead to reduced hearing, such as wax build up, cause the person to be more aware of internal bodily sounds. Another cause is due to fluid in the middle ear, which can result from an infectious disease or some other form of inflammation. This can make the person feel irritated, with a sense of pressing feeling and reduced hearing. Middle ear symptoms are usually treated with antibiotics, nasal sprays and sometimes surgery. Pulsating Tinnitus can also be caused by Meniere's Condition.