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Zenith Detox

by Jerome Princy (2019-12-27)

When trusting a natural Zenith Detox Review product to remove toxins inside the body for better health, your life may depend on detox of heavy metals and other toxins as quickly and efficiently as possible. Though you may initially choose a product or detox method based on price, the best investment is one that offers the best results. Zeolites, negatively charged minerals from volcanoes, offer the most promising results with the fewest side effects. Here is how you can know and trust the differences in zeolites to get the best toxin removing results for you and your family. In a ground- breaking study published in 2009, one kind of liquid zeolite product trapped and effectively eliminated heavy metals in the blood of highly toxic coal miners. Urinalysis reveals successful removal of a full spectrum of heavy metals and other toxins. Available research on small zeolite crystals and powders shows filtration of environmental toxins from air, water and land. What works in filters, however, is not what works in your blood. Consider the size of the zeolite particles. Natural toxin pulling surface area increases on zeolite ground into powder. However, particles of zeolite powder once ingested travel only through the gut and are unlikely to enter the bloodstream. This form of zeolite would have limited capability and would not be very effective toward total detox. Look for smaller particles than a powdered zeolite provides to remove toxins from everywhere in your body. Particle sizes less than 5 microns, with most particles averaging about 1 micron work best. Ask for evidence that proves that the zeolite product you want actually enters the blood to work effectively.