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Clear Nails Plus

by Jerome Princy (2019-12-26)

You physician may opt to Clear Nails Plus Review freeze off the corn, depending on the severity of the situation. A doctor prescribed script will be for a product similar to the available over-the-counter corn treatments available at your local pharmacy, however they will be much stronger. Having said that, those with sensitive feet and skin should avoid using these intense medications that use acid to break down the problem area. If the acid gets on healthy skin it can burn away, causing pain, irritation and killing healthy skin cells. Fungal nail infection, also called onychomycosis, is usually caused by a fungus that belongs to the group of dermatophytes, but yeasts and molds may also be responsible for this condition. All these organisms live in warm, moist environments like swimming pools and showers and they may penetrate the skin through tiny cuts, especially if you are continually exposed to heat and humidity, which are the perfect conditions for the growth and proliferation of fungus. The nail fungal infection occurs more frequently in toenails than in fingernails, because toenails are often exposed to humidity inside the shoes. Another possible reason is that the blood flow directed to the toenails is less than that directed to the fingernails, which makes the elimination of the infection by the immune system more difficult. Risk Factors: Onychomycosis is more common among the elderly for several reasons, like the decreased blood circulation and increased exposure to fungus in their lifetime. The nail fungal infection tends to affect more men than women, and especially those with a family history of this condition.