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Memory Hack

by Alisa Princy (2019-12-26)

A counsellor can help by using Memory Hack Review certain skills, by actually wanting to listen to you and in other ways such as helping you to become more aware of parts of yourself, using your own inbuilt skills and abilities, practicing certain skills and techniques, right though to simply offering you a non-judgemental attitude and a caring relationship, helping you to find suitable other people who have specialist skills in helping in all sorts of different areas, helping you to vent feelings and thoughts which in itself can be therapeutic, dealing with unresolved issues of the past and becoming more fully-equipped to maximise the value of the present and putting things into place for future problems or challenges, assisting you to challenge negative self-defeating beliefs, reconstruct healthy, rational or adaptive ways of thinking and much, much more. Counsellors may not be psychiatrists or have quite the in-depth knowledge of mental health issues and disorders, but they can offer aspects of healing in oneslf to a lot of people with various mental health problems. A counsellor can actually help somewhat by merely "being there". Certain psychotherapies believe in such significance of the counsellor being present meaning that it is so important to provide people with a warm, accepting and empathic environment for counselling. The counsellor being genuine, empathic and accepting you whole-heartedly despite any shortcomings what-so-ever is seen to be crucial and if it is (according to some therapeutic approaches) people ca begin to discover their potential to handle life's adversaries. However, strong debate exists that this is simply not enough. More is needed and in the form of "added" therapeutic techniques and methods. I personally agree and when coming to dealing with mental health issues, particular skills and techniques are needed to be offered by the counsellor to those dealing with psychiatric problems such as depression, psychosis, anxiety disorders and other. However, generally speaking, a counsellor's role includes accepting you whole-heartedly, being free of any biases towards you what-so-ever, being their absolute true selves towards you and seeing things in your eyes (how YOU see things) or at least acknowledging them (what might be termed "seeing your subjectivity").