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by Mathew John (2019-12-23)

When you eat your small meals you can increase the Leptitox Review volume of the food you eat with protein rich, high fiber and water content foods that will increase your metabolism and encourage fat loss. These small meals will also quieten hunger hormones that can derail even the most serious fat loss plan Quality lean protein has many beneficial fat burning effects. Firstly, I helps the release of the fat burning hormone glucagon which directly opposes the action of insulin (fat storing hormone) and helps burn fat. Protein is also slow to digest and break down and requires the body to work hard to do it also increasing metabolism. When you increase the metabolic rate you increase heat which increases fuel (calorie) burning.Protein rich meals are also important for a fat loss plan because it is very satisfying and helps us stay full for longer. Blood sugar levels are also maintained to avoid drops in energy and to avoid triggering intense food cravings.When combined with proper strength training exercise extra protein also helps build, tone and maintain muscle tissue which is the driver of the metabolism. The surest way to create food cravings, feel deprived and risk binge eating is to skimp on protein.