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Organifi Gold Tea

by Jerome Princy (2019-12-20)

This is a zero sum Organifi Gold Tea Review game, for every winner there is a looser. No trader or firm worth their salt would ever divulge their successful trading strategy upon request without the investor first providing written intent and verification of his or her net worth. So, I'm very sorry to tell you that this too is just another smoke screen of hype and illusion. So what to do and who do you trust? Trust no one until they earn it. You use your common sense and don't stray from the basics, that's what you do! If something sounds to good to be true, it most likely isn't. If it looks like you're being promised the moon, run in the other direction! Take the time to do your proper due diligence and if you see something you like, don't commit the farm. Seed the account and see what sprouts and if you like what you actually get decide from there. The fact that most traders and signal services don't want you to know is that it's really not their win/loss percentage that matters, that is if they know that themselves or even care. The proof of the pudding always lies in the money management! A trader can have the best system in the world and can still loose money if his money management is poor. He can have a mediocre trading strategy and still make money using proper money management. Also, please realize that the best trading system in the world only lasts until the market shifts. This is why trading robots will destroy your account eventually, no matter what anyone tells you. The market is unforgiving and loves greedy traders. It doesn't give up anything easily and it "is" out to get you! So, don't worry if you're feeling paranoid, this instinct is correct! To use a baseball analogy, it's better to go for the singles and doubles and steel a few bases now and then. To play what's called "small-ball" and have a great defense, than to go for the home run all the time. Swinging for the fences increases your strikeout percentage and as with any leveraged vehicle it's always mathematically more difficult to dig yourself out of a deficit than to take the slow and stable growth approach.