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Clear Nails Plus

by Jerome Princy (2019-12-20)

The difference lies Clear Nails Plus Review in how the orthotic mold is created. The traditional cast molding technique (and still the most accurate) involves holding the foot in such a way that the subtalar joint is positioned so that it is neither pronated nor supinated. This is called the neutral position. The ball of the foot is then lined up to be perpendicular with the heel. The cast dries, is removed from the foot, and then is sent to a lab for manufacture. The written prescription for this device is made to reflect any additional changes that must be made to the eventual orthotics based on a foot exam and measurement of various angles. Some people have special foot shapes and joint positions that need a little more modification to the usual orthotic mold, and this is where the expertise of the podiatrist prescribing the orthotics becomes vitally important. There are other molding techniques that can be performed, but many of these techniques have problems with getting an accurate representation of the neutral position of the subtalar joint. Some of these techniques, like foot scanning, rely on computer estimation of the subtalar position. This does take away some error on the part of a person making a physical cast mold of the foot, but it is still a computer estimate that is prone to its own error. Other techniques, like stepping in foam molding in a box, yields a poor subtalar neutral position because this joint can't be easily controlled by a second person doing the molding when one is placing weight on their foot. Once the mold is made and it is sent to an orthotics lab, the finished orthotic is produced and dispensed to the patient. Although most people can wear these devices all day from the first day, some people with significant foot structural weakness need to gradually break them in, as the foot needs to strengthen and adapt to walking with more support. Over one to three weeks a person needs to gradually wear the orthotics longer and longer each day until the orthotics are completely comfortable.