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by Alisa Princy (2019-12-19)

Belief is such a misused Individualogist Review element of human existence. Trust is even worse misused. There are people who have put their trust in certain people or things that have at the end of the day deceived them and they have not recovered from all that. An element of trust is necessary but there is the ultimate trust that should not be put in things that perish. Not in horses and chariots, they cannot cross the Red sea. Belief has a deeper sense of belonging to a certain cause and once one fails in selecting the cause to believe in, the deeper he or she gets involved in it the harder it becomes to get out of it. We always see on television, read in the papers of the fanatic belief that certain groups have to their cause that nothing can get in their way of accomplishing their mission. The same holds true for anything you desire. Without seeing it in your mind's eye, there is no substance to make you want to move off of the current mark you are on. Be the gift of life to yourself that Spirit sees you as being for them. Choose to set the tone for new beginnings; for brighter days ahead! Never has it been more important to see the scope of your future. On any given day, the power of change is within your grasp. Organize your thoughts and ideas. Who are you now? Who do you want to become? Are you doing the things necessary to march towards that perspective of optimistic enhancements, or are you lamenting about how hard it is? Let's shake off the "poor me" mentality and instead alight with grizzled determination that you are an achiever! It is already done in spirit, so now it is your turn to make the actions on earth. Every time you reach even the smallest of goals, congratulate yourself. Do not fall into the habit of dismissing it as no big deal. If it wasn't, then you would not have been looking to do it in the first place. Your life is your canvass. Only you get to choose what picture to paint for future recall. What will your legacy be? Will you look back and be satisfied that you gave it your all, or will you be lamenting in later years and wondering why you did or did not do something? Leave no questions. Act on unburdening yourself by DOING. The angels hold the golden chalice of love and peace in the air, in your honor. Now it is your turn to do the same for yourself and leave your mark on a society that will be grateful for your existence. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.