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Tone Your Tummy

by Jerome Princy (2019-12-17)

Don't Eat When You Feel Tone Your Tummy Review Negative - Often people eat to avoid feeling negative feelings or boredom? If you are feeling bored or negative don't eat until you feel that feeling fully. Feeling our emotions fully is the most effective way to release the energy of it. Measuring is a word with a very wide meaning, and powerful influence. You can measure approximately every thing, with wide variety of measuring terms. You can measure length, width, depth, volume, speed... Etc. that is easy as you had the equations and terms for each and every one. Other measurements are harder as measuring your carrier success, measuring your attitude with your friends or anything which you don't have its equation or its terms. But the hardest measuring is when you want to measure something which combine both and has many measuring concepts, as if you want to measure your car's performance, you have many things to look for and to collect data for,and the summation of all these data will give you the correct performance. Although measuring could be in some cases hard, but it stills very important to monitor any propagation or declining in what ever we are looking for. One of the hardest measurements we could ever calculate is weight loss. Do you agree with me? You think it is easy, scale is the easy answer, you weigh your self and monitor how many pound you lose and that is it! I don't want to disappoint you but that is not the way to measure your weight loss progress. And to make it clear we should not be slaves to the reading of the scale -no doubt the scale is useful, alone it could not be the judge -, as if you are on a good diet and a good training course but suddenly you gained a pound or a couple of pounds on the scale, what will most of us do? Quit that program, right,that is the most popular answer or way most of us will go for, but that could probably be a wrong decision. Why is that? We will discus that in a moment. Before many years we were taught to watch the reading of the scale as the solo parameter for our weight loss success. That was proved to be wrong for many factors. The first factor is that our body could gain or lose a few pounds at different intervals of the day due to several factors.