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by Jerome Princy (2019-12-16)

"Tax season" is everyone's Newscaster Vocalizer Review least favorite season. Sure, people like football season. They like the holiday season. And of course the summertime season is everyone's favorite! But the phrase "tax season" is a bad word to those accountants that must work 20-hour days just to get everything done by Uncle Sam's deadline of April 15. Every year, accountants work until midnight, rushing to the post office at 11:59, just so their procrastinating clients' taxes will be filed on-time. So think about the hard-working accountant who, on top of doing all this number-crunching, actually has to answer the phone and set appointments for those clients who waited until March or early April to start the arduous process of filing their taxes. Just when a CPA finally has all the receipts entered for his client's small business expenses, and he's ready to really get down to work, the phone rings - interrupting his concentration and perhaps even causing a paperwork avalanche as he reaches across the desk to answer the infernal thing. So what if this accounting firm had a website where clients could actually set their own appointments online? Wouldn't that be marvelous? Good news, weary bean counters. Online appointment software does exist, and it can be embedded directly into a company's website. Clients visit a firm's website and utilize the online scheduler to set an appointment. The firm will list available times, and the client simply picks the location (if your firm has multiple branches), the day and time they prefer, and in some cases, will even answer a few questions so they will be matched with the person who can best help them. For instance, it might make sense to ask if they are an individual, a married couple, or a business owner, or if they've recently moved from another state. The firm receives an automatic notification that an appointment has been set. The business representative (office manager, etc.) has several options. She may choose to accept the appointment, decline it, or suggest a different time. After the business enters their data, then an automatic notification is sent back to the customer. If no changes were made, they will receive a confirmation. Or if the business suggested a different time, the customer can accept or reject the alternate time. Eventually, the appointment will be officially set at a time that the customer and business are both happy with. And as the finishing touch, the customer receives an e-mail reminder.