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Memory Plus Program

by Alisa Princy (2019-12-12)

Family life of a schizophrenic Memory Plus Program Review that comes from a dysfunctional family has not been proven to increase the risk of prevalence of the disorder. Genetics, problems during gestation or birthing period, and viral infection all are suspected contributors. Research has not been able to link problematic behavior and communication within families to initial symptoms. There are hypotheses that think social class may have contributing factors to the disorder, but social factors are more than likely an outcome rather than cause. Individuals with schizophrenia, due to the disorder and the nature of the disorder may be more prone to a lower social class lifestyle. If an individual is raised in a lower social class and all the substandard events and aspects that go along with a more stressful life of being deprived socially, then it is more prevalent for birthing problems, malnutrition and infection. Hence, an increase in schizophrenic individuals coming from this level of social class may seem related to the dysfunctional family. People with schizophrenia are dangerous. This is misconception comes from the scary reputation that schizophrenia has of being a dangerous disorder. When you look at schizophrenia from a professional perspective it is not any more dangerous than any other disorder can be. It is not so much the people with the disorder are dangerous they can become dangerous just like normal people can in certain circumstances. Schizophrenia can become dangerous when the individual who suffers from it believes that someone is trying to harm them or ones that they care about also when that person is responsible for others. Oltmanns and Emery (2010) stated in one case study, "Ann believed that all the food in the house was poisoned so she would not feed her children". This woman at the time of her actions was not yet being treated for schizophrenia.