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by Regina Fancy (2019-12-12)

Kidney disease is among the causes of hypertension Bp Zone Review and this happens when the kidney is unable to control the hypertension. The kidneys have cells which monitor the pressure of the blood that is passing through them. If high, the kidney is responsible for adjusting this pressure. This will not be the case if the kidneys have failed and this is a contributing factor towards getting high pressure. When the renal arteries present in the kidneys fail, the blood flow becomes less and this leads to high pressure. This is because the rennin hormone becomes unable to control the angiotensin and the aldosterone hormones.The use of birth control pills is another cause of high blood pressure. Women who use pills that contain both progesterone and oestrogen and this raise the risk of them getting hypertension. They increase the heart rate and by doing so raise the hypertension. This however happens in some women whereas some never experience these changes. Women at a risk of high blood pressure include those that use pills after 35 years of age, those that have a past history of the condition as well as those who smoke. It is therefore advisable for women to take pills which contain progesterone only since they lower the risk of raising the hypertension.Until very recently, reducing high BP was the main reason East and Central Europeans took garlic.Results of a Study On Garlic and HypertensionThis is the results of a typical study. Garlic was given to 114 patients with hypertension. After several months the systolic pressure dropped by 25 mm/Hg, and the diastolic dropped an amazing 15 mm/Hg.