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Tone Your Tummy

by Regina Fancy (2019-12-12)

To understand what I am trying to say, I'll make Tone Your Tummy Review it easy for you. What is the most important thing for a body? It is to stay alive. So now when you keep your body away from food for long hours, your body starts to get into a starvation mode, this is its defense mechanism. This is the way YOU BODY is protecting you from LACK of food.I am not sure, but according to me many of you might have heard or read about the "starvation mode". If not you are here and are reading it. Even those who have read or heard about it before can be here as not many might have actually understood the concept. So allow me to explain. Now when you begin to curb the intake of food, especially when you restrict heavily the intake of calories, your body starts to send hormonal signs ordering the body to decrease metabolism, preserve fat, and increase appetite. This you might say is the perfect scenario for a dieter who is trying his best to lose weight? Yes I so believed too. Now in these processes, one of the major player is the hormone leptin. When calories are cut down heavily, leptin levels plummet, sending signs to the brain that you are not eating enough food. Now once this happens, all the other things we saw before (decreased metabolism, protecting fat, increase appetite) occur as a chain of reactions.At this point of time, weight or fat loss becomes like a battle. This is frankly the only reason why so many people fail at the whole dieting for fat loss. So now this is a problem. Now this can be a problem you are facing too. So how do you go about it? What do you do?