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Sleep Faster Rem Vital

by Alisa Princy (2019-12-11)

No one likes to be told that Sleep Faster Rem Vital Review they're overweight and need to lose a few pounds; we often equate obesity with being physically unattractive and know how hard it is to shed that unwanted weight. But with all the other reasons one might consider slimming down, there is a distinct connection between obesity and snoring. While many think of snoring as just being an annoying habit, it's actually much more dangerous to the health than many realize; it can be a signal of other severe health problems and conditions. So let's look at the connection between obesity and snoring and see if one can't be convinced to stay in shape as much as possible. Snoring is caused when air passes over the area of the back of the mouth and throat and "rattles" the tissue inside, making the noise we call snoring. This doesn't happen if there is enough room for the air to pass through and not disturb the tissue; this is the first connection between obesity and snoring. When a person is overweight and obese they are putting excessive pressure on that area of the throat and mouth because of the excess tissue and fat in those areas. While being overweight may not actually cause snoring, there is this distinct connection between obesity and snoring; a person snores when their mouth falls open during sleep and not everyone that's overweight will sleep in this particular position. Another connection between obesity and snoring is that being overweight can put so much pressure on the airways and the lungs that a person makes all sorts of noises during the night that we consider to be snoring even though technically they're not. For instance, many who are overweight will gasp, snort, choke, and gurgle during the night and we think of these as being part of the connection between obesity and snoring even though they're not really snoring noises.