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by Regina Fancy (2019-12-11)

Avoid essential fats - Staying away from good fats Ketogenasis Review like fish oil or buy a rancid fish oil from the large health stores. Good fish oil helps turn your fat storing enzymes into fat burning enzymes. Do cardio - Cardio (after about 8 weeks) increases your stress hormone cortisol. Your sub-conscious doesn't know the difference between running or a cardio machine. So when you perform cardio, your body thinks you're being chased or chasing something. Cortisol kicks in and helps your body store fat as a survival instinct. We are after all just cavemen and women in clothes.Avoid weights Training with weights increases your metabolic drive by making lean muscle tissue. For every pound of muscle you add, you'll burn an extra 50 calories per day! Eat carbohydrates with every meal - With 75% of the world's population carb intolerant. Meaning we don't use our carbs for energy, we just store them into our fat cells. This is a sure fire way of keeping hold of those love handles Count your Calories - Ever heard of the term 'empty calories?' Processed carbohydrates such as white breads, white sugar and refined cereals tend to have emptycalories due in some cases approximately 90% of its vitamins and minerals being removed when processed. Without these vitamins and minerals, our metabolism becomes Inefficient, leading to poor energy and poor weight control. Drink carbonated diet drinks - Although they contain very few calories the toxins or as they put it 'flavouring' in the drinks promote retention of fat you can still lose weight by cutting out your diet drinks.