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by Jerome Princy (2019-12-10)

Again this is not true Ketogenasis Review that by restricting diet or by eating less effective weight loss is possible. The metabolic rate remains elevated for half an hour after eating. The energy obtained from the food is used in the process of digestion and metabolism. Further the metabolic rate is different for different people, hence their energy requirement is also different, and also the energy expenditure is lower for the people eating less. Only rigours exercise can burn fat, hence effective in weight loss Rigours exercises can neither melt the fat cells nor transport fat cells from one part of the body to another part, and can't consume the fat. Rigours exercises can increases the energy consumption of the body. Aerobics and other weight exercises may adversely affect the legs joints, heart, hips, and spine Exercise like cycling and push ups may only elevates the level of energy consumption in the body, there is no apparent affect on the localise fat cells of the body. But it is possible that the energy present in the fat cells of face, arms, thigh are consumed in the process of accelerated metabolism induces by cycling or exercises. Sweating and dehydrating, in the vapour or sauna bath may temporally decreases the body weight but as soon as the water content become normal by hydrating, the previous body weight is attained Exercising and the right amount of nutritious food intake are the best ways for you to burn fat quickly and maintain the lushness of a beautiful body. But most of the weight lost programs usually makes us sad and deprived of the things that we want to eat. We still want to eat those delicious favorites of ours however, if the intake is blown out of proportions could be detrimental too. The fastest way to burn fat quickly is to exercise. These activities require your body to work hard, sweat thus burning a higher percentage of stored excess fat and reduce excess calories as well. There a lot of physical activities to choose from and of different varieties as well. You have the option to choose slow and relax exercises to highly energetic types such as cardio and aerobics. Cardio exercises are believed to be very effective and show long lasting results that is why most wellness experts recommend this type of exercise to weight lost wannabes. Cardio and aerobic exercises targets a lot of muscle groups thus eliminating a higher percentage of fat. The principle is just basic- the more energy the more fat will be burned.