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Trim 14

by Jerome Princy (2019-12-09)

If you want to eat Trim 14 Review something, do not run immediately to the kitchen. Distract for 15 minutes for playing with children or a cat. Perhaps during this time the thoughts about food shall disappear. Alternatively to the desire to eat a sandwich with a sausage, eat some fruit, better an apple. Well, then let us remember the well-known ban against high-calorie foods, check the fridge. Exclude from your diet: hot dogs, polony, ham, so beloved smoked and canned food and the aforementioned sausages. Put carbohydrates on the first place at your diet. They are already able to supply the body with all necessary. Bread, cereals, pasta must be present at the table every day, but in twice less amounts than before. Cereals, of course, in the form of porridge, each having the individual healing properties: an oatmeal one improves skin and health condition; the rice renders a good effect on the nervous system and helps at intestinal disorders; a millet one strengthens the cardiovascular system; the buckwheat is rich in iron and is recommended for treating metabolic disorders. Low-fat dairy products, the most important source of protein and calcium in easily digestible form, gets the green light. Fish, though it might seem strange, especially oily one immediately goes to your fridge instead of sausages. It is a major supplier of a protein and fatty acids Omega-3, which are very beneficial for the cardiovascular system. Thus, an animal protein derived from meat is replaced by the protein from fish. Do not forget about the eggs, which recently were discharged from an unfair accusation in containing harmful cholesterol. An egg contains a daily norm of a natural protein, calcium and other microelements. Its yolk includes 11 kinds of vitamins. The scarcity of satiety we compensate by vegetables (except beans and potatoes) and fruits. Try to get on the plate foodstuffs of different colors: red, yellow and green. This will ensure the correct daily dose of vitamins. Vegetables and fruits, except for vitamins, contain so necessary for good intestinal work fiber. Their daily use reduces the blood pressure and a cholesterol level in the blood. It is worth mentioning that a traditional Russian appetizer - sauerkraut, contains more vitamins than a lemon or an orange; apples and beet protect from cancer, and carrots is the chief assistant in the fight against aging.