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by Alisa Princy (2019-12-05)

What if I were to tell Ketogenasis Review you I can sell you the ultimate brand new food ingredient? It's state of the art. Why? Well, it's low cost, it takes a very small amount to affect the entire mixture, it makes food taste fantastic, it makes the food so it will last on store shelves for way longer than one would naturally expect, and it produces an effect in humans that keeps them craving more and more. Basically, it's profit in a jar. You might ask: Well, what's the catch? I'll get quieter and say that there really is no catch... Except that its overall effect on humans is by no means fully tested, but the likely fact is it will cause a severe obesity epidemic in the United States and eventually across the world's population. The average person out there, knowledgeable that obesity is quickly becoming the greatest killer in America, would confidently turn down the generous offer. The average food vender, on the other hand, would see green, and ask if I accepted American Express. The facts are uncomfortable, but they're still facts. The food industry is an industry. That means its primary goal is to make money. Their goal is not, unfortunately, the health and well being of their customers, and government regulations can only require so much. What I'm trying to say is, the industries will do whatever they can within the government's limitations. The rest is up to us, the consumers, to protect ourselves from the threats inherent in the food we eat. My advice: Familiarize yourself heavily with food ingredients, food labels, and some of the relevant legal "tricks" of the food trade. Here are two to whet your pallet: Do you remember that super-healthy wheat bread you bought some time ago? You had heard that whole wheat is far healthier than white bread, so you took the plunge. You had heard correctly, but were duped by the food industry.