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Overnight Millionaire System

by Alisa Princy (2019-12-04)

That brings me to the Overnight Millionaire System Review story of what happens when you fuel up entirely on expectations, pushing, and never, ever quitting. Back in 2001 I was totally gung ho with my cycling. (I'm still passionate, but no longer to the point of the insanity I am about to illustrate.) I was riding more miles than ever and pushing myself to the limit because I wanted to be good enough. You know, one of the "real" cyclists. I was jazzed about doing the MS 150 (a 150 mile bike ride over 2 days to raise money for National Multiple Sclerosis charity). The trip down was great! I rode the longest ride I'd ever done (almost 80 miles) and averaged the fastest speed I ever managed (over 16 mph). And, I had a great time, it was totally euphoric. I was tired, but attempted to ignore nagging soreness in my feet which have seen their fair share of injuries. The next day was very cold (40's, low 50's F) and extremely rainy. Had I not been out to prove something to myself I would've honored myself, packed it in, rode home in the car warm and dry, recuperated for a few days and then been good to go. However, I was stuck in the mantras - the "never quit", "always honor your commitments", "the people you're riding for only wish they could ride in the cold rain", and any other "do till you die" type programming. So, I rode. All 75 miles in the pouring rain. Numb, hypothermic, and delirious, a friend and I crossed the finish line. I was glad to be done, sore, and mostly entirely numb. The surprise came when I thawed out on the way home. I got home & couldn't get out of the car; couldn't walk. After much ado and a Dr. Appointment the next morning I realized I had torn BOTH Achilles tendons and reinjured my knees. All I can say is it was a damn long, painful, and frustrating year of rehabilitation. Because the body always remembers and stays susceptible to re-injury it remains an ongoing see-saw of care and feeding of these weak links in my body so I can do the things I love ongoing.