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Auto Lotto Processor

by Alisa Princy (2019-12-02)

They think you are loose. Auto Lotto Processor Review Many a player makes bets frequently, but never goes all-in until they have the strongest possible hand. This lures players to call bets, and then lures them further in when you go all-in with the killer cards. The image that you are willing to play with poor cards can be a trap for your opponents. This is especially useful as well when you start riding on a run of good cards, as some people believe is possible. Having seen you showdown one or two good hands, opponents will start to think that the odds are that you do not still have good cards in subsequent hands, and will start wanting to call or re-raise you. Once players are drawn into that belief and you are fortunate enough to be on a run of good cards, you will be raking in the chips and charging all the way up the chip lead. They do not notice your image at all. In tables with many players, one or two loose-aggressive players will attract a lot of attention from their opponents. For example, in a 9-player sit-n-go tournament, you can stay out of games (fold often) until the game narrows down to 4 or 5 players. This gives you an opportunity to start making moves and dominating table as you are about to get in the money and as the tournament is about to end. This ensures that opponents have not noticed much of you and have not been able to determine how you play. This gives you the opportunity to race to a chip lead and to begin dominating the table at the right time.