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7 Day Prayer Miracle

by Regina Fancy (2019-11-30)

Employees often get stuck in this mindset where they 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review became fearful of losing their job because they have become dependent on it in order to pay their bills. As companies continue to cut back staff and reduce salaries, there is every reason, as an employee, to be fearful, if they have not set themselves up for success even if the worse were to happen. Fear Freezes Your Mind Think back to why you started your company. Was it because you were looking for security? Were you looking for a safe, dependable job? Was it to not be stuck as an employee with little to no control over what happens with your finances? My guess is that you were looking for more- more time for yourself and family, more time to do what you love, more time to just enjoy. Whatever it was that caused you to start your company, bring that to the forefront of your mind. That passion, that drive is what should be motivating you through these times. And it is what you should be using to motivate your employees as well. What I do not Like to See One of many things that frustrates me is when I hear about companies who use the fear mentality to keep their employees working harder than ever. A boss may say something to the effect of, "well you want to keep your job, don't you? If so, then you must understand that we need to reduce your pay, benefits, and other perks in order to make it through these times."