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by Alisa Princy (2019-11-30)

God designed us to mature Individualogist Review gradually. His incremental design applies to both our physical and spiritual lives so we cannot escape its built-in humbling effect. Whomever God causes to grow up spiritually does not take the next step of maturity except through much trial and hardship. It would be a troublesome source of overconfidence for us to instantly arrive at whatever place our whims dictated. If a child had the ability to transport himself magically to the top of every staircase he needed to climb, then his legs would never get any exercise. We need not fear Christ's answer to the question, "Lord, what is our role? What is our purpose?" We should want to find out God's true answer for regarding these things. We need not fear His real-life commands because He will continue to be our All no matter what. Our calling as Christ-followers will always be simple: Trust in and obey Christ. As for massive movements of the Spirit and glorious, heavenly visions and planting millions of organic churches, I do not know about these things. But I do know at least a few basic truths. For example, the Lord is abundantly present to teach all those who are willing to be taught. As for now, I will not presume to know anything more than the few basic truths that God's Spirit has taught me unequivocally. It would be a misrepresentation of God to "fake it 'til I make it" and it would be deceptive to myself and others if I claimed to be something that I am not. I'm not saying this to lower your standards, but rather to encourage you to seek out Christ more zealously than ever. I'm not advocating stunted faith, I'm encouraging you to obey God's real commands. If we represent Him, we will do so however He has makes us able. That is what representation is. Either we're representing God directly or we are representing ourselves under deceptive pretenses.