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Blood Sugar Formula

by Regina Fancy (2019-11-29)

Sue Kennedy is the author of the physician-endorsed Blood Sugar Formula Review e-book "Defeat Diabetes Now," and operates a membership channel devoted to health & wellness. Readers of her book also receive instant access to expert interviews, articles, diet plans and other resources designed to maintain optimum health and prevent disease. Click here to defeat diabetes now.Is your diabetes problem still giving you sleepless night? Do you wish to overcome this problem someday? You wish you could manage this problem, right? I know how you are feeling right now. Let me quickly tell you what many do not know about this sickness. It has been called a disorder of the very engine of life and for good reason. When the body can not metabolize glucose, a number of vital mechanism can break down, sometimes with life-threatening consequences. People do not die directly from diabetes, they die from complication.Complication includes heart disease, stroke, poor kidney function, peripheral arterial disease and nerve damage. Let me also mention that poor blood supply to the feet can lead to ulcers,which in severe cases require amputation of the affected limb. It is also the most frequent cause of blindness among adult. However, one can still manage it and live a normal life. Many of those who might be genetically susceptible avoid showing any sign of this disease simply by eating a balance diet and exercising regularly, thereby staying physically fit and keeping their weight within normal limit. Walking and vigorous activity are associated with substantial reduction in risk of type 2 in women.