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Manifestation Magic

by Jerome Princy (2019-11-28)

The interest in the competitors Manifestation Magic Review themselves however, is usually merely a fleeting one. They are figuratively just 'the instruments which play the music of human feelings' Their emotions serve as a demonstration if you like, a yardstick from which comparisons with the viewer's own life can be made in some way. Now whether that person digests what he experienced second-hand by watching a contest and uses it a beneficial way is certainly questionable. Person One may take the positive thought pattern in analysing the success of winner and trying to discover why it was achieved. Then he would apply the outcome of that evaluation directly or indirectly to something important in his own life, to bring benefit and improvement to his own performance. He is also acutely aware of the emotions and plight of the loser and genuinely tries to imagine how he feels in this moment defeat. Provided the loser has conducted himself well in the situation, he will have thoughts of goodwill towards him and wish him to learn from this painful experience and enjoy success next time round. Person Two would get more pleasure from watching the face of the loser. This somehow makes him feel better, being able to see the sadness, disappointment, regret and unhappiness of a competitor who has just come up short of his expectations! Deep in his inner self, watching this offers him comfort. In some complex way he feels it provides an excuse for his own failings in his life. In watching the pain and anguish of the loser on his TV screen, he doesn't say to himself- 'I don't ever want to go through that'. Instead, he takes refuge and comfort in the fact that at least he is not the only one who fails at things! Let us look at the meaning of the word 'SUCCESS' for a moment. What is Success? The answer to that is a personal one to you and you must decide on your own assessment of what success (and failure) means in your life. It will be different for each of us in some way. Success could perhaps be described as "An inner feeling of happiness and contentment about a particular matter or about life overall". That golden key to success, the one with which others have unlocked the secret to wealth and contentment, is unfortunately not easily discovered by everyone. We all know in our own minds whether our level of success is adequate or whether we need to make improvements. If we admit to the need to improve things, then the second question is do we have the determination to actually take action to implement those improvements? There is much confusion in the minds of many as to this second question.