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Overnight Millionaire System

by Regina Fancy (2019-11-28)

When something new comes across your desk ask why Overnight Millionaire System Review you must be the one to do it. If it can be delegated then delegate it. I know this sounds simple and you have heard this a thousand times but I bet like people I talk to every day you do things just because you; "Want them done right the first time," or "Done your way," or some other reason you must be the one to do the task. If you are a sole proprietor then skip to the next paragraph. If you run a business with employees then train one of them to be a surrogate you. You need some one you can rely on to handle the task so you can cast the vision and lead the team. If you are running a business and you are the only one who knows how it runs-you will never be able to relax or take a vacation. If you have to be on 24/7 then you are not getting the rest your body needs and it will catch you sometime.If you are like me and have no one to delegate to then you need a list of things to-do. I use no Day-Timer or calendar system I just lay out on a spiral notebook all of the things I need to accomplish that week. Each night I list the thing to-do the next day in order from most important down. If something new comes in I put it on the list, and it may or may not get done that day depending on priority. I check and write email for thirty-minutes in the morning and evening. This gives me the freedom to do all email on my terms. I understand that phone calls come in from customers but do you really have to answer every phone call that comes in, can you get an answering service? I want you to look at all aspects of balancing your time. If you look you can find ways to free yourself up, I promise.