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Overnight Millionaire System

by Alisa Princy (2019-11-27)

It's a definition that relies Overnight Millionaire System Review on tired concepts that women are and should only be nurturers, and that even if we must work, we must first identify ourselves as mothers and wives. We're expected to put everyone else's needs before our own, docile as we accept marginalization and second-class status. I have never met a working mother who blindly pursues her own goals with ruthless disregard for her children. Nor have I encountered a mum who cheerfully announces that in seeking it all, she's stumbled upon a perfectly balanced Stepford Wife world in which she rules as a the queen of pretty, white picketed efficiency, a great sex life, and well-behaved child prodigies. The idea that having it all implies perfection is no closer to the reality than the one that implies unbridled self-indulgence. Rather, most working mums reveal that having and wanting it all really means having the freedom to pursue passions and aspirations in multiple areas, and not be relegated to living a life of a one-dimensional character, tethered to the domestic front. And though we may have been successful in attaining that freedom, it seems we continue to face the barriers of unfair stereotypes. Many suggest that one answer lies in the creation of public policies which further legitimize workplace equality, such as improved caregiver leave, part-time wage parity, and paid sick days. The answer does not depend in instilling guilt in women for "wanting too much" but rather in updating social and labour perspective to foster greater joy and security to the family.