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by Jerome Princy (2019-11-26)

A co-worker provided two Individualogist Review nice pieces of her artwork that obviously had been well thought out and highly symbolic. One pencil, the other colored pencil. For a moment I was jealous, that turned to envy, that quickly dissipated, ending up as self loathing. Another Co-worker gave up a very special watch that she had been given as a youth. Later she lost the watch in a pond. She recovered the watch, however it was in non-working condition but very special to her. And so it went with my-self and another co-worker explaining our gifts. It is important to note that typical ceremony participants are a diverse group with multiple religious backgrounds. The instructor clarified that while we all may have different belief systems, spirituality comes within all denominations. In order to stay true to the Crow Ceremony it is necessary to offer a prayer to The Great Father, or Grandfather. Also it is necessary to pay homage to Mother Earth. I personally had no problem with the Crow belief system. My personal preference however is to pray first to mother earth, then father sky. Does that make me a mamma's boy? After the gifts were collected we circled out in clock-wise rotation symbolizing an upward spiral vortex. We then had yet another co-worker available to operate the door opening. This person, (doorman) was also responsible to pass "hot rocks" and water through the door opening at the appointed time. It is interesting that the door person is also responsible to keep trespassers from walking between the fire pit and the sweat lodge. That prevents negative energy from permeating the area. Those participating in the sweat ceremony had already conducted the ritual at the circle. I will not discuss the process of building the sweat lodge at this time. This in itself is another ceremonial topic. However the sweat-lodge is a small dome constructed of hickory boughs frame work that is approximately eight feet circumference and about five feet high. The covering or skin is heavy weight canvas layered so that when inside it provides a pitch black environment. Within the lodge just inside the door opening is an earthen pit about a foot deep and three foot diameter. The symbolism of the actual lodge is as follows; framework and covering when inside represents the inside of the buffalo, and the pit with glowing hot rocks inserted represent the heart. Outside the sweat lodge at a distance safely from flammable materials is located the fire where rocks are brought to temperature. Hardwoods some seasoned and some green are ideal to bring rocks to temperature suitable to produce the proper amount of steam. It is suggested that at least fifty or sixty hand or melon sized rocks are available at the sweat lodge.