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7 Day Prayer Miracle

by Regina Fancy (2019-11-26)

Many of you are waiting for that magical 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review moment of instant change to come your way. You wait for your big break; to be noticed among the billions of people on earth; for your circumstances to change and for the gods to shine on you. That's called luck and may or may not happen. Real success starts with your decision to radically transform your mindset. The day you decide to transform your way of thinking you are setting the transformational process in motion and that is the day you take the first step in becoming successful. Your negative view of yourself, your circumstances, and the world around you is what is keeping you from success. Radically transforming those negative assumptions controlling your life will unleash change and success in your life SO, WHAT IS TRANSFORMATION? The word TRANSFORMATION comes from two Latin words that literally mean to make a new form or mold. Quick fixes add a little newness to the old form, but to have real change you can't just alter what you add to the mold. If you pour new liquid into an old mold, no matter what kind of liquid it is or what you add to the liquid, you are always going to end up with the same form, because you are using the same mold! To create a new form: YOU HAVE TO CHANGE THE MOLD; YOU HAVE TO TRANSFORM OR RADICALLY CHANGE THE FORM!TRANSFORMATION means to change the composition of structure. The synonym for TRANSFORMATION is METAMORPHOSIS, which means to change something into a different entity, or a major alteration in form, nature, or function.