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by Regina Fancy (2019-11-26)

But what really had him lying awake at night and thinking Individualogist Review about this Jesus, was that he heard Jesus even chose a tax collector, Levi (some call him Matthew), to be His disciple. Over and over that thought ran through his mind. He would lie on his bed at night, his heart beating faster and faster as he thought about that. A man whom they called holy; some even claim He must be the promised Messiah! And He chooses a despised tax-collector to be His disciple! He had never heard of such a man. The "holy" ones usually kept to themselves, looking down on the rest. They never mingled with bad guys like tax-collectors. But Jesus called a tax-collector to be His disciple!But now, his sense of wonderment grew into great excitement as he heard that Jesus was on his way here to Jericho. He wanted to see Him! Only problem was that apparently crowds of people mull around Him and it's not so easy to see Jesus. He thought about ways to overcome this obstacle. He also had another obstacle to overcome. He was not exactly the tallest guy around and that posed another problem to see Jesus. As the crowds approached he knew that was Him and suddenly had a bright idea. He will get into the sycamore-fig tree and look down from the top! As Jesus passed by under the tree, he would certainly have an opportunity to see Him.